Thursday, 4 December 2014

Connect Your Device in Debugging Mode!! on UBUNTU(Nook,Moto-E,Moto-G,Samsung)

How to Connect Your Nook,Samsung,Motorola,Micromax Device in Debugging mode through eclipse??

Before Reading this tutorial, You must be sure, you have set-up Environment Variable in Ubuntu(To access android).

When you working on linux, so many person faces the problem: Access your device in debugging mode through eclipse.This is not so difficult after reading this contents:

1. When You trying to access your device as debug mode, first you enable debugging mode inside your phone/tablet.

2. To access debugging mode through eclipse, you must have to create a udev rule for the device.
So How You can find udev:
2a: Open your terminal(ctrl+alt+t).
2b: Then You must logged as root.(sudo -i)
2c: cd /etc -> cd udev
2d: Now list your files(ls)
2e: You can see one directory name as rules.d
2f: Inside this directory, you have to create one file 51-android.rules
    gedit 51-android.rules

3. In the rules file, each device manufacturer is identified by a unique vendor ID, as specified by the ATTR{idVendor} property.
To see all {idVendor} follow

4. How to establish the permissions for Specific Device?
   Inside your console, type: lsusb


   You can see Device-id for every device.For example in above picture, motorola id :22b8,which is corrently connected in my computer. Only this id I need to add inside 51-android.rules file.
Add the following line to your file about Android devices(Inside->51-android.rules):
SUBSYSTEM=="usb", SYSFS{idVendor}=="22b8", MODE="0666"
In this example, the vendor ID is for Motorola-E. The MODE assignment specifies read/write permissions.


After adding these line,now execute: chmod a+r /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules

5.Exit from Root as well as terminal.

6. Now execute this inside your terminal:
   adb kill-server
   sudo adb start-server
   adb devices

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