Sunday, 9 September 2012

Android Set Up In Eclipse for XP or Windows

Step 1: 
            Install Eclipse in your specific folder.Install latest version(more than 3.6 version) of Eclipse.
Step 2: 
            Install Android SDK in your Specific Location
            Ex: C:\Program Files\Android SDK
(If you don't have Android SDK,You can download it from here and install it: )
            Download ADT(Android Development Tools) from
Step 3:
          Now Open android installation location folder(C:\Program Files\Android SDK) and click on SDK Manager.Please Check it on "Tools" and "Android 4.0.3 or Android 3.2".Now Update it through internet.

         Next Open Eclipse.Go to Help->Install New Software.
         Click on "Add". One pop up dialogue box will come.
         Name:  <<<Give Any Name>>
         Location: <<Where your ADT File is locating>>(
     Then Click On OK-> Next ->Next ->Finish
    Now it will ask to restart the eclipse.Just Restart It.
    Next you need to Go Window.In that Window,one option is there "AVD Manager".We are creating AVD because for executing Android program you need to create virtual device.Here AVD means Android Virtual Device.Just Click on It.
Then Click On New.
It will Ask 
Name: <<Give Your AVD Name>>
Target: <<Give Target>>(Here we are using Android 4.0.3 API Level 15)
Size: <<Give your specific size 100 MiB or 100 KiB or 100 GiB>>
Click On "Create AVD".
In Short: Window -> AVD Manager ->NEW(Fill the details) -> Create AVD
     Your AVD is Created.Now You can develop Android Project by yourself.

<<<NEXT PART IS FOR Developing Simple Project>>


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  1. Hi frd plz help me i follow all above step but some error are occure plz help me how to solve error
    error are "some repository not found "